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As a fast-growing medium-size privately-owned company, we are regularly changing and growing. From distributor, we have since become a converter of high performance materials, strengthening our strategic partnerships, investing in manufacturing capacities,
developing our converting technologies and widening our service offer.

As a key link in the value chain, our objective is to become the partner of choice in our strategic markets.


To achieve this, we continuously strive to optimize our high value-added solutions through materials-converting-service combinations.

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ADDEV Materials

Value added solutions

  • Materials

    Key partner of worldwide manufacturers, our product offering meets the requirements of our customers in all our markets. With over 15 000 products customized into more than 40 000 solutions, we offer more than you may expect.
    Our range of materials
  • Converting

    We are not only experts, delivering a wide range of high performance materials. Our know-how goes further: we combine our well-established expertise in high performance materials with the versatility of our industrial capabilities to deliver the highest levels of product customization available in the market.
    Our converting capabilities
  • Services

    With the origins of a distributor, striving to be responsive and to maintain outstanding services is a second nature for us and a constant challenge. Always focused on our customers and now more capable as a result of our acquisitions, we continuously develop new services.
    Our services

Our markets

Aerospatial & Defense
Aerospace & Defense

ADDEV Materials is a specialist supplier to the Aeronautics, Space & Defence market and offers its customers, via its business unit dedicated to Aerospace & Defence, product expertisecustomised packaging solutions and industrial cutting processes backed up by a broad range of added value services.

Marché automobile et véhicules spéciaux
Automotive & Special Vehicles

ADDEV Materials has a wealth of expertise in high-performance materials. The company combines this technical knowledge with its top-class industrial resources to support the industry majors in the automotive and special purpose vehicle markets.


ADDEV Materials has a strong reputation in the Energy market. The company applies its knowledge of and expertise in technical materials and industrial production processes to the development of products for electrical equipment manufacturers and network operators.


By applying the experience it has acquired in the Electronics sector, ADDEV Materials offer its customers technical and customised solutions that combine advisory services with manufacturing capabilities for cutting and repackaging of liquids.

Construction & Building
Construction & Building

For the Construction & Building market, ADDEV Materials combines its expertise in high-performance materials with its understanding of what its industrial customers need to devise and produce tailored technical solutions.

Marché ferroviaire

By applying its technical expertise with products, its know-how in the conversion of materials and its customisable services, ADDEV Materials is able to propose innovative solutions to meet the needs of rolling stock and railway equipment manufacturers around the world.

Healthcare & Hygiene

The broad scope and complementary nature of our ranges of high performance materials, combined with our capability to perform converting work in clean-room facilities, make ADDEV Materials a partner of choice for the major players in healthcare and hygiene.


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