Airbus chose ADDEV Materials

ADDEV Materials chosen by Airbus for the distribution of chemical products

With its selection as a supplier following the Airbus Group call for tenders for the distribution of chemical products, ADDEV Materials is an established partner of the sector's leading players in the aeronautics market.


ADDEV Materials, manufacturer, converter and expert distributor of chemicals products for aeronautics and space, has just signed a 5-year contract with Airbus and its subsidiaries, Stelia and Premium Aerotec. This multi-year agreement covers the supply of chemicals products, glues, paints, greases and adhesives, with a gradual start planned for spring 2021 in the various geographical areas that require local distribution.

 @photo credits: Adobestock

As a specialist for several years in the Aeronautics, Space and Defense markets, ADDEV Materials has gradually established its position as a key international player in the manufacture, design, distribution and customized repackaging of chemical products for the Aerospace & Defense markets.

ADDEV Materials is based mainly in Europe and North America and strengthened its expertise and international position in 2019, in particular through the acquisition of American companies ANDPAK (which specializes in customized packaging of chemical products for the aeronautics industry) and ZIPCHEM (which formulates and manufactures surface preparation and treatment products, anti-corrosives, lubricants, cleaning products and disinfectants), but also through the acquisition of British companies PSG and PEXA (now ADDEV Materials Aerospace Ltd.), specialists in surface treatment products, paints and composites.

“We are proud of the confidence that Airbus places in us: this contract is a great opportunity to strengthen our relations.

We had already started collaborating with Airbus Helicopters by providing ready-to-use repair kits for helicopters. In a complex, fast-changing world, we act as facilitators: this specific customized packaging know-how, which enables us to provide greater added value while using fewer materials, will be an additional asset in future discussions with all AIRBUS subsidiaries throughout the world”, says Julien Duvanel, CEO of Business Group Aerospace & Defense.   

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