SURFACE PROTECT®: the virucidal film for all your surfaces

Now that cases of COVID-19 are on the rise again, and with the approach of winter making outdoor activities less accessible, it is a priority to minimize risks in shared spaces such as offices and public spaces in general. That’s why the innovation teams at “LAB INNOV’ADDEV” have developed a virucidal, anti-coronavirus film, with continuous action and ease of application.

SP in offices

Why supplement the hygiene measures on your premises with a virucidal film?

The national commitment to ensuring the health and safety of company employees in the face of the COVID-19 epidemic has strengthened the precautions taken to fight it, especially by systematizing the use of masks and reinforcing communication on protective measures to be applied The challenge is to support these measures by reducing risks as much as possible.


What are the recommendations?

A cleaning plan must be put into practice to ensure regular disinfection: all sensitive surfaces must be cleaned at least once per day, including all contact points in heavily trafficked spaces, such as:

  • Stair handrails, bathrooms, door handles, and even switches.
  • Bars, handles, shelves, or seats on public transportation

Finally, all everyday interfaces such as self-service checkouts, payment terminals, counters.

Applications of SP

SURFACE PROTECT® film: a virucidal, antimicrobial innovation that adapts to all your surfaces

Without protection, bacteria and microbes build up on surfaces. Taking advantage of atmospheric humidity and nutrients, they multiply and can remain active for several days: recent studies show that the COVID-19 virus can survive for up to 28 days on plastic surfaces such as counters or even mobile phone screens.

While viruses and bacteria are eliminated by regular cleaning products, the fact remains that the risk of contamination increases between cleanings, and cleaning measures alone are not enough to stop this natural phenomenon.


What is SURFACE PROTECT® film?

SURFACE PROTECT® film is a triple layer PE film that integrates silver ions, which possess virucidal, antimicrobial properties and excellent conformability. This innovation has been tested against the human coronavirus (strain E229).

This film eliminates more than 89% of coronaviruses in 1h and 99.1% in 24h; it has been certified by an independent laboratory.


SURFACE PROTECT®, a versatile solution with high added value

SURFACE PROTECT® is an adhesive film with a graphic grade glue. It will adhere to all your supports without causing damage, and while adapting to their shapes. It can also be personalized with a desired shape, color or logo. It will protect small and large contact surfaces while strengthening your communication.


SURFACE PROTECT®, easy and classic maintenance

SURFACE PROTECT® can be cleaned with your regular cleaning products, on your regular schedule. Cleaning does not undermine its various properties. It is not necessary to clean it with an additional virucidal product, as a classic bleach-based product is perfectly suitable. It can last, without degradation, up to 365 maintenance days.


It is now more important than ever to preserve and protect our contacts and interactions in a context of crisis. SURFACE PROTECT® provides additional protection in all heavily trafficked public areas. Thanks to its customization and communication options (film printing, dying), you can easily let the public know that certain areas are protected.

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