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CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is at the heart of our our entrepreneurial, international and responsible growth project. The business venture we have been pursuing for several years is built on strong foundations. By doing business, we create values, which help the men and women of ADDEV Materials grow. Our position of intermediary in the value chain, makes us a privileged partner of our customers with a duty to innovate and meet technological and environmental challenges. However, preserving the environment also means reducing our footprint.

“It is our ambition to meet our partners’ industrial challenges with responsible solutions. In a world where resources are beginning to run out, we need to do better with less”.

As an international Group with local impact, we pursue concrete activities in our ecosystems.

We work and lead ethically and honestly. By respecting the DNA of each entity in the Group, while leaving the door open to the development of shared practices, we strengthen our synergies.




  • Ease the convergence of practice
  • Build an agile and outline International group,
  • Manage  the performance
  • Act with transparency and honesty

"CSR isn’t just a concept, it’s enlightening our business with our values”. Julien Duvanel, General Manager

Create Value

  • Serve the client by the operational excellence
  • Innovate in our offers and our process
  • Sell our expertise
  • Purchase and source with sustainability

"80% of our product suppliers are based in the European Union. “ Without US

Take care

  • Take care of our collaborators
  • Develop employability and autonomy
  • Support changing
  • Promote the diversity and the  dialogue

"Take care Well-being at work and enjoyment of progressing together”


  • Sort and recycle our waste
  • Reduce energy usage
  • Restrict CO2 emission
  • Sensitize and train our collaborators

"100% of our sites are switched to renewable energy”

Act local

  • Contribute to local and economical development
  • Foster our schools-relations
  • Support start-up
  • Engage in associative life

"Being in touch with schools and course content gives me a foot in the future”. Kevin Baud, General Manager ADDEV Walco