Automotive & Specialty vehicles
ADDEV Materials

Automotive & Specialty vehicles

ADDEV Materials has a wealth of expertise in high-performance materials. The company combines this technical knowledge with its top-class industrial resources to support the industry majors in the automotive and special purpose vehicle markets.

Once your project has reached its development phase, our experts in adhesive materials, technical foams and advanced papers and films can advise and support you with the definition of your requirements specifications. Our international production sites offer mass-production capabilities which meet the strictest requirements for quality and competitiveness.

Innovation is embedded in our DNA. This, supported by a business investment strategy firmly focused on the future, makes our company a partner of choice for vehicle and equipment manufacturers and for EMS (Electronics Manufacturing Service) providers. Together we can meet the transport challenges of the future: electric and hydrogen-fuelled vehicles, connected and self-driving cars, shared car ownership …

Main applications for our products in Automotive & Specialty vehicles

Electric and hybrid drive units

High-performance materials that help to keep the batteries at a correct temperature (heat dissipation and cooling system optimisation), electrical insulation and sealing of components in and around the motor or engine:


  • Insulation
  • Assembly
  • Protection
Vehicle interiors and fitted features

Interior customisation, passenger cell comfort, noise reduction (NVH, “squeak & rattle”)… our products are ideally suited to these applications:


  • Insulation
  • Assembly
  • Weight reduction
Bodywork and exterior trim

Our products can be used to seal bodywork, assemble exterior elements (bumpers, emblems, etc.) :


  • Assembly
  • Insulation
  • Weight reduction
On-board electronics

Devising and converting products that protect electronic components (from dust, chemicals, water, etc.) and seal and dissipate heat from sensors and ECU:


  • Encapsulation
  • Insulation
  • Masking

Our added value


Our product expertise

Our experience and understanding of the most complex products and our partnerships with the world’s leading chemical producers place us in the perfect position to propose highly engineered and ready-to-use solutions for your automotive applications.

Our ranges of products include:


  • Adhesive tapes: single-sided, double-sided, all types of backings/supports and adhesives
  • Technical films: polyimide, PET, PP, and PE films
  • Foams: PU, neoprene and silicone in a range of densities
  • Papers & fibers: meta-aramid technologies, non-woven papers, vulcanised fibres
  • Glues, resins and varnishes: PU, epoxy, silicone and other technologies. One-part and two-part

Our manufacturing capabilities for cutting and functionalisation of surfaces

We are commited to deliver converted or cut materials in their most finished possible form

The purpose of laminating is to combine materials to enhance the properties of a single film.

Lamination is a process whereby an adhesive layer is applied to a material.

ADDEV Materials uses various processes to cut all soft, flexible products into specified formats such as A4, A3 or any other dimensions.

Technical support

As high performance experts, technical consulting and the development of tailor-made solutions is at the heart of our business.

It is in this sense that our teams work closely with our customers.


Among the accompaniments proposed:


  • Technical advices: Advocate or develop the best solution
  • Performance Tuning: Adding Features and Improving Material Properties
  • Realization of prototypes: In rolls, pieces or formats
  • Technical studies: Realization of comparative tests in the laboratory

International presence

ADDEV Materials is an international company with manufacturing plants across Europe and in North America which can provide worldwide support for its customers:


  • Europe: France, Belgium, Poland
  • North America: USA, Canada
Some of our customers
TE Connectivity
Lear Corporation
Blue Solutions
Vision Systems
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