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Employee roles

Discover some of our different professions.

Working in Business Development

The daily focus for BD personnel is to find solutions for our customers. The roles include acting as a key contact person or “ambassador” for the Group in dealings with market-leading manufacturers and businesses. Our sales strategy is founded on fostering close working relationships with our customers, with a view to offering the best possible solution enabled by our extensive expertise and our high added value products, processes and services.

The people in these roles are dedicated to developing ADDEV’s strategic markets. Their jobs stimulate innovation and are extremely motivating, and offer a whole range of opportunities throughout their careers.


Working in Supply Chain

ADDEV Materials is a major player at the heart of the value chain, so people working in supply chain roles are critical to our ability to respond promptly and effectively to customer demand. These roles include managing the various flows of product to the final customer and optimising the availability and viability of installed equipment and of the supply chain, while ensuring that operations are performed safely, with respect for the environment and in line with the group’s social responsibilities.

Working in Production and QSE

People who work in Production and QSE are primarily concerned with serving and satisfying customers. Every day they seek out ways to improve our operational excellence, so as to better serve our customers.

Their objectives have a common purpose: to maintain future performance in an energy efficient way.

Working in R&D

The main roles for R&D personnel are to research and develop the technology behind new and innovative products and processes and to improve technical resources.

R&D contributes to the Group’s long-term sustainability objectives by continuously improving processes and products.

The company prioritises its relationships with top-level external partners since this underpins excellence in all our work and makes it possible to co-develop new and innovative projects.

R&D plays a core role in the Group’s strategy by promoting important values that unite its people. These values relate to innovation – a key priority for the Group since it creates added value for our customers.

Working in Digital and IT

The digital transformation has engendered many new professions in just a few decades. There are a great many opportunities, from data analysis to business IT. The types of jobs also vary greatly. They include consultancy, expert assessment, web data analysis, administration and operational management.

All these roles contribute to ensuring that the information systems and networks function correctly and that the full potential of Group data is exploited.

Working in Finance

Finance people seek to fulfil all the roles as effectively as possible that are associated with processing and managing financial and accounting information and documentation that are essential for the businesses to function.

The overall goal pursued by Finance is to implement actions which improve the Group’s business performance. As a key player in the decision-making process, Finance is heavily involved in strategic decisions and planning.

Working in Human Resources

Human Resource people are responsible for the professional development of the women and men, who strive to make ADDEV Materials succeed. The challenges faced by HR personnel include attracting new talent, retaining employees and integrating newly-acquired companies.


HR personnel also play essential roles in implementing new corporate and environmental initiatives. The Group’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) is now coordinated jointly by HR and Marketing & Communication. This policy, which is actively pursued by the Group, comprises 5 themes: Lead, Do Business, Help People Grow, Be Sustainable and Take Action.

Working in Marketing & Communications

Marketing & Communications people disseminate the Group’s values, analyse strategic issues and enhance the Group’s visibility. In a market place characterised by continual change, the various roles performed by Marketing ensure a better flow in exchanges and provide resources which are essential to the performance of the Group. Human intervention is key in these roles and good listening is essential.