Epoxy adhesives

One-part epoxy adhesives

Epoxy tile adhesive, epoxy wood adhesive, epoxy metal adhesive


One-part epoxy adhesive is a ready-to-use blend of an epoxide resin and a hardener. It is a thermosetting adhesive, i.e. it cures due to the effect of heat (approximately 120°C) and pressure.


The term structural adhesive is sometimes used to refer to these adhesives due to their remarkable mechanical performance, notably in shear (more than 7 MPa at room temperature).


Moreover, epoxy adhesive has excellent adherence to metals, thermoplastic and thermoset polymers and to composite materials. It thus offers a perfect solution when producing structural assemblies on most substrates.

We produce a wide range of one-part epoxy adhesives with differing cure times.

Excellent shear strength
Good ageing resistance
Excellent resistance to chemical products
High peel strength
High fatigue resistance
High resistance to shocks
Good temperature strength

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Typical applications

  • Bonding seals (heat exchangers)
  • Assembling bicycle frames
  • Bonding structures
Some of our references


3M™ 2214R
3M™ 2214HT
ELECO 5890

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