One-part polyurethane PU adhesives

One-part polyurethane PU adhesives

One-part polyurethane adhesive is a urethane-based adhesive which can cure in two ways: either at room temperature, due to air-borne moisture (traditional polyurethanes), or due to heat (for applications which require short handling and bonding times).


The main attractive features of one-part polyurethane adhesive are its high resistance to impacts and vibrations, thanks to its high elasticity (the product can be used to assemble materials with different coefficients of thermal expansion), and its impressive mechanical performance (the product can bond and seal at the same time).


One-part polyurethane adhesives are suited to assembling a wide variety of materials, notably porous materials (concrete, plaster), metals, glass and a large number of plastics.

Excellent resistance to plasticizers
Flexibility and elasticity
Excellent mechanical strength (tensile and shear)
Bonding and sealing at the same time
High resistance to temperature

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Typical applications

  • Bonding partitions, panels, etc.
  • Floorings (floor coverings for sports centres, artificial grass, etc.)
  • Expansion joint for concrete
  • Structural bonding of glazing
  • Sealing & gasketing
  • Windscreen seals
  • Bonding glazing
  • Manufacture of wind turbines
  • Sealing
Some of our references


3M™ TE200
3M™ TS230
HENKEL perfect310

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