Two-parts polyester resins

Polyester resins are primarily used for embedding, coating or encapsulation applications. They repair, consolidate and gap-fill, while also sealing numerous substrates. There are three main types of polyester resin:

  • Gel coat: this thixotropic resin does not run when applied to a vertical wall.
  • Transparent casting and embedding resin: it is advisable to heat the mould before casting the resin, since the resin contracts by 3 to 5%.
  • Opaque casting resin with added filler: due to its low viscosity, this polyester resin is recommended for solid-part casting.

Due to their significant contraction during curing, polyester resins are rarely used in engineering applications. A polyurethane resin would be preferable for this type of application.

Some polyester resins are ideally suited to marine applications.

Typical applications

  • Protection
  • Sealing
  • Protection of car bonnets
  • Sealing
  • Protection


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