Two-parts polyurethane PU resins

Used as potting resins or coating resins, two-part polyurethane resins cure at room temperature. The mechanical protection provided by polyurethane resins is well recognised and some of these resins are flame retardant, provide an electrical insulation function and can be used in difficult environments (marine, petrochemical complexes, refineries, mines).

They are generally fast tack and have a fairly short mould-release time.

Two-part polyurethane resins offer wide-ranging Shore hardness, they can be flexible or rigid, and exhibit low levels of shrinkage during curing.

In general, the exothermy of polyurethane resins is lower than that of epoxy resins, which means that polyurethane resins have a gentler thermal impact on more delicate components.  

Typical applications

  • Electrical insulation
  • Mechanical protection  
  • Potting; encapsulation of printed circuit boards and/or components
  • Overmoulding connectors, sealing.


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