Two-parts silicone resins

Used as potting resins, silicone resins retain their properties well at high temperatures and offer excellent protection. This material protects and isolates electronic components from aggressive external conditions such as vibration, chemicals, heat or moisture. Silicone resins are widely used in electrical and electronics applications.

Silicone resins cross-link at room temperature, although this process can be accelerated by heating.

These silicone resins are particularly preferred when the end product has to withstand extreme temperatures (-70 to +200°C and up to 260 °C ) continuously. They offer very good protection under difficult environmental conditions. Note that the burning behaviour of silicone resins is excellent.

Silicone resins are mainly used for insulation and sealing in various applications.

Typical applications

  • Electrical insulation of components
  • Chemical protection of electronic circuits
  • Protecting components from vibration
  • Thermal insulation of electronic circuits
  • Sealing electronic circuits


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