Vulcanized fibers

Vulcanized fibers

Vulcanized fibers is produced by laminating plies of 100% cellulose paper after saturation phases in zinc chloride and acid baths. This manufacturing process gives this insulating material superior mechanical, insulating and electrical characteristics. 

ADDEV Materials converts vulcanized electrical and mechanical fibers for the electrical engineering, railways and manufacturing sectors – several grades are available depending on the end use of the product. Vulcanized fibers can also be custom-cut to produce a specific insulating material. 

Continuous use temperature 120°C
Fire classification (UL94 HB or VO depending of the grade)
TVery high dielectric strength (Good resistance to electric arc)
Excellent resistance to chemical products
Excellent mechanical strength (abrasion, tear,…)

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Typical applications

  • Electrical insulation
  • Various technical and mechanical applications


We are commited to deliver converted or cut materials in their most finished possible form

The purpose of laminating is to combine materials to enhance the properties of a single film.

Lamination is a process whereby an adhesive layer is applied to a material.

ADDEV Materials uses various processes to cut all soft, flexible products into specified formats such as A4, A3 or any other dimensions.

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