Custom packaging and dosage
ADDEV Materials

Custom packaging and dosage

ADDEV Materials offers customised packaging and component quantities to meet your requirements.

After considering your specification, we select the best container from the wide range available to us and then adapt the packaging to your precise requirements.


All your products are labelled to ensure traceability and safety. We supply you with the certificates of origin.

ADDEV Materials understands the constraints associated with the use of chemical products and displays characteristic flexibility and fast response times that make us a partner of choice, particularly for customers in the aeronautical sector.




Our packaging expertise enables us to provide you with the product you need in accurate quantities

Our packaging runs ranges from 40 to 3,000 units per batch. 

We focus on packaged batches weighing from 4 grams to 1 kilo, or more on request. We adapt the type of packaging, the ratios and the quantities to meet the proportions you need for multicomponent products.

Reasons for choosing customised packaging

Better control of component quantities

Optimised shelf-life and product service life
▪Accurate component quantities, measured in laboratory conditions


Work time reduction

Easier use of products
▪No more manual measuring of quantities and blending
▪No more cleaning


Health, Safety, Environment

Elimination of the potential risks of product contamination
▪Limitation of risks associated with contact between users and product



▪Partnered approach to customised packaging
▪Customised labelling and secondary packaging
▪Quality Control and Traceability


Cost savings

Reduced unnecessary use, waste and disposal costs

ADDEV MATERIALS offers a wide range of containers

Metal containers

Glass and plastic bottles

Two-component cartridges

Single-component cartridges

Tube kits

Bottles, containers, sachets

Barrier kits


We have the capability to package a wide range of products:

One-part adhesives

Two-part adhesives


One-part resins

Two-part resins



Degreasing agents

Surface treatments


Providing our customers with the best

Our packaging sites in San Diego (CA), USA and in Toulouse, France operates in compliance with the conditions required by standards EN 9100: 2016 and ISO 9001: 2015


Our demanding quality policy is based on an Integrated Management System for Quality – Safety – Environment which is fully in line with the company’s economic and social objectives.