ADDEV Materials

Lamination (adhesive tape)

Adhesive coating

Adhesive coating

Adhesive coating is a process whereby an adhesive layer is applied to a material.


The adhesive is applied to the material using a “dry phase” method to form a single product which has the properties of the combination of the material + adhesive.


The primary purpose of adhesive coating is to turn a non-adhesive material into an adhesive material.





Complexing is the process of bonding two or more strips of a flexible or rigid backing material together using a technical adhesive.


These strips may be made of plastic film, paper or a metal foil/thin material. The adhesive is applied to the least absorbent strip which is then bonded to the second strip by the high pressure exerted by heated cylinders, in order to produce an ultra strong assembly. This assembly may comprise two layers (duplex), three layers (triplex), or more …





Complexing improves the appearance and barrier properties of the strips. The type of adhesive selected is primarily dictated by the end use of the product. Various technologies can be implemented to accommodate the various ultimate applications of the product.