Surface treatment
ADDEV Materials

Surface treatment

For certain bonding operations, ADDEV Materials offers Corona or Plasma-type surface treatments.




Corona treatment

The Corona treatment, involves generating an electrical discharge with electrodes at the surface of a film which increases its surface energy to improve the chemical connection between the film molecules and the liquid applied. ..


Plasma treatment

Atmospheric plasma technology is used to treat the extreme outer surface (a few nanometers) of flexible plastic or metallic backing materials. The process selectively changes the chemical properties of the substrate or applies a nano-coating with a view to producing either a non-stick effect or an adhesion-promoting effect.


Beneficial effects of these treatments:

  • The technology is recognised worldwide as an effective surface treatment for improving film adhesion prior to further processing in extrusion, bonding or printing machines.
  • The long-term stability of the treatments
  • Bespoke selection of the chemical property of the substrate which will be changed
  • The cost is equivalent to, or even less than, more conventional technologies



Typical treatments:

  • Corona treatment of polyester film
  • Corona treatment of Tedlar®
  • Corona treatment of PE film
  • Corona treatment of fluorinated film

Typical applications:

  • Preliminary step before printing, complexing, film-coating, hot rolling, extrusion-coating, etc.

This process applies a layer of aluminium (or another metal), a few nanometers to a few tens of nanometers thick, to a plastic film by evaporating aluminium in a vacuum. The metallising of films can be used to vary their optical density. As the density is increased the film becomes more opaque.

Various films (polyester, polypropylene, Kapton® …) with a range of thicknesses can be metallised.

A few typical applications:

  • food packaging, barrier effect…
  • aeronautics: storage, UV barrier films

A few typical products:

  • metallised PET
  • metallised KAPTON®
  • metallised PEEK

The thermostabilisation of films makes the materials less sensitive to variations in temperature.


ADDEV Materials product:
Politherm®thermostabilised film. This PET film is available in thicknesses from 70 to 125 µm. Once the film has been thermostabilised, exposure to extreme thermal environments causes almost no dimensional variations.

Some industrial applications of thermostablisation:
- Screen printing

- Printed electronics