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Experts of high performance materials

As a fast-growing medium-size privately-owned company, we are regularly changing and growing. From distributor, we have since become a converter of high performance materials, strengthening our strategic partnerships, investing in manufacturing capacities,
developing our converting technologies and widening our service offer.

As a key link in the value chain, our objective is to become the partner of choice in our strategic markets.

To achieve this, we continuously strive to optimize our high value-added solutions through materials-converting-service combinations.

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Developing a career to suit you

  • Discover your potential

    Numerous internships and block release-type training options are offered every year on all our sites. We also offer an international volunteer business experience (the French VIE system) with placements in our sites in Europe and North America. This scheme offers a great opportunity to learn about our Group’s various activities and professions, and can lead to a temporary or permanent employment contract with us.
    Discover your potential 
  • Explore your potential

    If you would like to develop your career even further with us, we provide opportunities for you to share your hopes and ambitions and we can support your career development.
    Explore your potential
  • Re-invent yourself 

    And what if you want to change your career direction? Take on new responsibilities? Change your status? Or live in a new country? With us, everything is possible.
    Reinvent yourself

Our shared commitment to CSR

CSR commitment

When you join ADDEV Materials you will be setting out on a collective and absorbing endeavour, which will develop you as a person.


After meeting your future manager and other ADDEV Materials staff, we are ready to welcome you as best we can.


To enable our people to achieve continuously higher levels of performance, we create tailored training programmes, developed for each job and core skill, which let everyone develop their expertise and know-how with a view to enhancing the company’s performance.

Enjoying your work

We pay particular attention to conditions of work to ensure that all employees feel good about coming to work every day.  

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