Varnishes can be used as impregnation varnishes, finishing varnishes or even as conformal coatings.

  • Impregnation varnish: impregnation involves covering the winding with a varnish dissolved in a solvent or in water
  • These commonly used insulating varnishes are based on epoxides, phenolics, polyesters, polyurethanes, silicones or acrylics. Our range includes traditional solvent-based varnishes, impregnation varnishes, UV-cure varnishes and water-based products. 
  • Conformal coatings protect and extend the service life of electrical equipment. They have been developed specifically to protect printed circuits or certain components of transformers or motors from difficult environmental conditions (moisture, salty environments, chemicals, elevated temperatures).

We produce varnishes containing UV tracers, one purpose of which is to check the correct application of the varnish to printed circuit boards.

We can offer varnishes and resins suited to all types of resin and varnish impregnation process (standard dipping, trickling, dip rolling, vacuum pressure impregnation, etc.) 


When selecting the most suitable varnish, it is important to fully understand the associated requirements:

  • To which environmental conditions will the application be exposed?
  • What are the required electrical/thermal/chemical characteristics?
  • What method is used to apply the product?
  • Does the solution need to be reparable or permanent?

Our engineers will work with you to determine the best solution to your specific application. Please do not hesitate to contact us with details of what you need.