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Induction - Growth - Enjoying

When you join ADDEV Materials you will be setting out on a collective and absorbing endeavour, which will develop you as a person. Our commitment to corporate social responsibility, both nationally and internationally, has generated numerous projects which offer excellent opportunities for personal growth.

Our on-boarding programmes will introduce you to the company and to its stakeholders across a broad geographical region.

This essential support provides you with everything you need to start your new experience in the best possible conditions


After meeting your future manager and other ADDEV Materials staff, we are ready to welcome you as best we can.

Your work area and all the resources you need will be in place. An on-boarding plan, regular supervision sessions with your manager, time to discuss issues with HR and the opportunity to talk with other members of staff will ensure that you can find your feet before getting down to work. 


You will learn about our products, processes and services during meetings with our experts and visits to our various sites, and quickly understand why our customers have chosen us. We offer a stimulating work environment that will let you rise to the challenge of contributing fully to the success of the company. You will work as part of a team which will welcome you, facilitate your integration and support you at all times.

Growth & helping people to grow

To enable our people to achieve continuously higher levels of performance, we create tailored training programmes, developed for each job and core skill, which let everyone develop their expertise and know-how with a view to enhancing the company’s performance.


External growth is one of ADDEV Materials’ major development vectors. On-boarding new teams and helping each team member to grow is an exciting objective for every manager.


The Human Resource department plays a key role in offering trainees and new graduates the opportunity to take on responsibilities, such as managing a team or working overseas on an international volunteer placement.

Enjoying your work

We pay particular attention to conditions of work to ensure that all employees feel good about coming to work every day.  We regularly analyse the ergonomics of every workstation and also keep a close eye on our health & safety statistics, so that work conditions are optimal.

Finally, to promote a positive work environment, we regularly arrange various leisure events such as summer picnics, after-work activities or participation in sporting competitions to enable our people to get to know each other better, in a less formal setting.


We believe that well-being at work comes above all from the pleasure of progressing together.