ADDEV Materials

Our shared commitment to CSR

CSR commitments

ADDEV Materials is a medium-sized holding business with international reach. We are convinced that:

  • Our values are essential and will provide meaning if they inspire our everyday activities
  • We should pay continuous attention to the balance between our people and the business
  • Working together is an ingredient of success
  • Money and growth of our business are means by which our longevity may be ensured
  • Corporate Social Responsibility is a yardstick for management and leadership that is inherent in our management system and strategy



  • Ease the convergence of practice
  • Build an agile and outline International group,
  • Manage  the performance
  • Act with transparency and honesty


Create Value

  • Serve the client by the operational excellence
  • Innovate in our offers and our process
  • Sell our expertise
  • Purchase and source with sustainability

Take care

  • Take care of our collaborators
  • Develop employability and autonomy
  • Support changing
  • Promote the diversity and the  dialogue


  • Sort and recycle our waste
  • Reduce energy usage
  • Restrict CO2 emission
  • Sensitize and train our collaborators

Act local

  • Contribute to local and economical development
  • Foster our schools-relations
  • Support start-up
  • Engage in associative life