ADDEV Materials


ADDEV Materials offers storage services to help its customers meet the challenges associated with warehousing.

Our storage sites are strategically located to ensure speedy delivery from sites that are never far away.

Reception and storage

ADDEV Materials can receive your products and perform authorised inspections. Our premises are specially set up and secured to ensure that your products are kept in their correct condition.

Management of customer stock

In accordance with your wishes and requirements, ADDEV Materials uses computerisation to manage your stock and trace your products.

We can provide our customers with Extranet access to let them consult their stock details electronically.

We can also provide monthly inventories or other reporting statements, as per your requirements.

Storage of hazardous substances

Our warehouses meet the requirements applicable to the storage of hazardous substances: non-combustible construction elements, evacuation routes, ventilation of the zones, correct height for the storage systems used, defined traffic flow layout and compliance with marking conditions.