Two-parts resins

Two-part resins give materials superior mechanical protection and chemical properties and better durability. They comprise a mixture of two components, a resin and a hardener, which are kept in separate packs or compartments until the product is mixed. The pre-defined mix ratios must be respected.

Two-part resins can be used as encapsulation resins or as mould-release resins and provide optimal protection. Epoxide, polyurethane or silicone formulations are often used to coat a winding which has already been varnished to provide additional protection, and are more commonly used to protect electronic components and circuits. 

Two-part insulating resins are applied either manually or using a casting machine.


ADDEV Materials offers a wide selection of resins so that every customer can find the best solution based on the resin’s viscosity, open time, mechanical protection and retention of properties at extreme temperatures.

Our experts can recommend the solution best suited to the restrictions applicable to your project.